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The Oh! in OPM: Hang the DJ Vol. 3

In Intro on December 15, 2010 at 5:57 am

OPM was a sham in many ways. Coined back in the 70s to signify a breaking free from the tethers of Western pop, it didn’t exactly help to evolve all our musical ethnicities into a pop consciousness, like it did, say, in Cuba or Jamaica, but marginalized them even further while remaining, to this day, in a sort of thrall to the methods and structures of Western pop, be it the hysterical diva caterwauls of Regine Velasquez and Sarah Geronimo, or the faux-British accents of Orange and Lemons and The Pin-up Girls.

But all pop’s a sham anyway. And more than that, it’s our sham. Pop’s also a cannibal. And it’s not so much in form as it is in content, from the colloquial banter to the social realism, that makes OPM Ostensibly Pilipino Music. It veers from the derivative (XLR8, Mocha) and the unimaginative (Martin Nievera, Jed Madela) to the flatulent (Christian Bautista, Rocksteddy) and to the downright heinous (6Cyclemind, Lito Camo). But in the mesh and grind of all those years of constant transposing of local color and borrowed genre, it blossomed and mutated into its own unique make and model, a species of pop similar yet distinct from others, sometimes wondrous, often beautiful, and in many ways, terribly exciting.

Welcome to the third issue, then. Where us so-called Spinners, old and new, gather anew, picking apart Sugar Hiccup’s “Five Years” at some point, but for the most part acting like savage detectives or hunter-gatherers, foraging and sifting through the domestic pop of our lives, for the songs that make us dance and swoon and cry and gasp, the songs that emit that rare joy and wonder, the songs that put the Oh! in OPM.

– The Master Spinner Ex-O

This issue is dedicated to the Happier Years, 2004-2010.

– The Master Spinner

(Let’s welcome our new Spinners: Ayer Arguelles, Christian Cruz, Eula Gonzales, Gian Mayuga, and Tyler Draper.

Lime figures: 15 album reviews, 25 track reviews, 5 new contributors)


The Other Side of Summer: Hang the DJ Vol. 2

In Intro on April 22, 2010 at 4:28 pm

Courtesy of Megan Diño

Sometimes we resort so much to quoting that we abuse it.

But no matter: it’s summer. Thinking is not the best way to spend it. And here in Hang the DJ, we celebrate summer with a mix of anticipation and laziness, for in the tropics, summer means having fun with all its friends: the sun, the beach, the sand, the crazy heat, the hot bodies, the beer, the romance novels, the blockbuster movies, and of course, the summer beats!

Our title is lifted from one of Elvis Costello’s hits, “The Other Side of Summer”, released in 1991. Fitting, if not too perfect, that we allude to him, for he is an artist of many things. He is the other side of pop: always relevant and always diverse. In this summer issue, we not only write about Summer albums (click) and Summer songs (click) but we also share our thoughts on albums both old and new, wishing they are relevant and diverse too, and wishing that you will also give them a listen.

To your right, The Spinners give their tuppence worth on Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”, which feels awful late considering her smashing follow-ups, “Telephone” and “Alejandro”. We are also paying our respects to Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse through a series of reviews by two of our writers, DJ Ayn and DJ Chard.

We have included links for this Special Summer Ish to download the tracks we reviewed. A folder of all the Summer Songs is below, available as well for free. Hope you’ll like them.

Here comes the sun as it shines on my keyboard, as Costello continues to sing, The sun struggles up another beautiful day / and I felt glad in my own suspicious way / despite the contradiction and confusion / felt tragic without reason / there’s malice and there’s magic in every season.

The malice and the magic are waiting. Read on, cheers, and till next issue.

– The Master Spinner

(Let’s welcome our new Spinners: Oggs Cruz, Antoinette Jadaone, Romina Mislang, and Edgar Allan Paule.

Lime figures: 30 album reviews, 25 track reviews, 4 new contributors)

Download “Summer Mix”

Download “Hang the DJ 2 (Other Tracks)”

Celebrating Music, Celebrating Writing: Hang the DJ’s Maiden Issue

In Intro on February 8, 2010 at 12:20 pm

Are you only one love short of happiness? The Sundays ask in “Life Goes On”.

As we decide to put our affection into words, we hope to find in music that one love that keeps eluding us, that one love we continuously seek in the songs we listen to. And despite failure, it feels wonderful to meet the same people with the same yearning, in the middle of cyberspace—here in Hang the DJ—with all our one-love-short friends. And yet you are here too, our readers, joining us, keeping us company. That makes us really glad.

We celebrate music by writing about it, by keeping these songs alive through words and phrases, spaces and punctuations, and praises and anecdotes, right before they turn into memories we can no longer share. We write to remember: and here lie those keepsakes, souvenirs, and blinks of love we’d like the world to know, because we are proud of them.

This is the first issue of Hang the DJ, and I thank all the contributors for sending their articles amid the stress of day jobs and extra-curricular activities, amid the difficulty of putting into words those beautiful images in our heads, and amid the pressure of writing itself, as I know it is never an easy trade for any one of us. But after all those weeks, we are now here, smiling I hope, as we are convened by the same passion for music, tied to the microphone and the dance floor, cheerfully looking forward to many more issues of celebrating together. I would also like to thank three people specially: Megan Diño for coming up with the lovely widgets; Ayn Marie Dimaya for helping out the last minute and for providing the images I used for this post and the animated gif on the side; and Dodo Dayao for triggering the idea for this site. As always, I was quick on the trigger, especially on something as exciting as this.

I raise this toast to all of us—The Spinners—cheers and until always.

– The Master Spinner

(Lime figures: 106 posts, 65 album reviews, 40 track reviews, 20 founding contributors)