The Spinners

♪ Macho Gwapito (Rico J. Puno, 1979) ♪

In OPM, Pop, RM Topacio-Aplaon, Track Reviews on December 8, 2010 at 9:01 am

The king himself, Sir Rico J, is the true “kilabot ng mga kolehiyala.”

With all due respect to Mr. Hajji Alejandro, Rico is the better singer, the better pleaser, and indeed, the macho dancer. There is love embraced in sweet masochism as he starts owning the stage every time he performs, and as he captivates his audience with his oozing masculinity.

“Macho Gwapito” still roams radio airplays and TV commercials. It’s a comical theme song, a staple tune commonly sung in ASAP and Party Pilipinas’ weekly birthday celebrations. Rico J’s signature is written all over it. Not even Bitoy or Bossing can deliver a song as sexual and funny as he does in this song.

Consider this: he puts an end to Einstein’s career for inventing the greatest formula of all.

Rico J. Puno is equal to machismo plus women times sex and sensuality. Hence: RjP = m + w x s2

– RM Topacio-Aplaon


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