The Spinners

♪ Hello Digital World (Makopa feat. DJ Twitch, 2006) ♪

In OPM, Romina Mislang, Track Reviews on December 8, 2010 at 5:19 am

An ode to modern technology-inspired love affairs, “Hello Digital World” starts with the sound of signal interference. Then, Ime Bala-an-Asistores’ smooth bass line slides in, paving the way for a melodic and emotional soundscape. Jason Asistores’ jazz piano technique, minute but essential smatterings of RB Pineda’s guitar, and DJ Twitch’s turntable scratches converge, supported by Alay Magno’s subtle but essential beats. Before we know it Nika Espinosa is already singing the first line. While the words show one side of dealing with infatuation (obsession? love?), she is just content to watch from afar, the music building itself up through the sound smorgasbord of the intro, meekly walking the listener through her troubles and begging to be noticed a stanza later.

As she wails to put an end to the intoxication of the romantic but painful kind—the jealousy that was only mildly insinuated in the beginning rearing its head—the whole ensemble lapses into mad abandon as Jason’s arpeggio provides the run up to a wild romp in jazz improv land for a fitting musical depiction of a jealous lover’s state of mind. The tonal synchronicity that the band plays between verses is brought out again before the end, tricking the listener into some sort of resolution, before mildly shattering the notion that everything is alright.

“Hello Digital World” is one of the songs in Makopa’s 2006 EP. It’s a peek into the diverse compositions that they play, infusing different forms of music such as jazz, funk, rock, R&B, soul, hip-hop, and alternative: a proof of the members’ varying influences. This very interesting array of sounds deserves more than one listen.

– Romina Mislang


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