The Spinners

Travelogue (Bagetsafonik, 2007)

In Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, OPM, Richard Bolisay on December 7, 2010 at 4:59 am

2007. Along Buendia, walking without any sense of direction, heartbroken or just plain sad, I stopped to look at the clouds. I had a job, I had books to read, I had movies to watch. And I just lost my love. “Halogen” played and the clouds moved apart. I was happy in my own little way, pleased with my short walks after work, content with the defective radio on my old phone. Then it began to rain. A few minutes later my socks were wet and I sent my condolences to my Chucks.

2008. At Odyssey I found a copy of Travelogue and bought it. I saw Ciudad’s new album and bought it too. First thing I did when I got home was play these records. Everyone’s asleep. I owned the living room. “Fallin’ Callin’” played, then “Action Jackson,” “Green Machine,” “Sputnik Sweetheart.” I fell in love with “Automatik” right away. I have a weakness for good Tagalog songs with charming bass riffs. I flipped through the postcards. Beautiful packaging. OPM artists often take album packaging for granted, but Bagetsafonik didn’t. Yeah, with that name, I’m sure it didn’t even cross their mind. Anyway, I must have slept with the record player on because when I woke up my sister was complaining about how costly our electric bills would be for the month.

2009. On a slow trip from Bulacan to Manila, my friend asked, “Wala bang may CD dyan?” Her car radio was broken. A geek I was, I had some. I put one on the player and pressed play. I skipped to the eighth track, “Saccharine.” Be still, and we were all still, my friends and I, pondering, wishing the silence would go on forever, unintentionally looking away from each other, thinking of different things, our lives so small, our dreams so far, our pointless prayers, and it goes on, all on a Sunday morning. I knew by then we were parting ways soon. Eventually we did.

2010. I rarely buy records. I’m always broke. I guess it’s time for me to make use of Travelogue’s postcards and write some love letters.

– Richard Bolisay


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