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Rivermaya (Rivermaya, 1994)

In Alternative Rock, Christian Cruz, OPM on December 7, 2010 at 4:18 am

As one of the most popular and commercially successful alternative bands in the 90s and early parts of 00s, Rivermaya have not only overcome changes and trials in their roster of members but have also achieved critical feat in the process. For the past fifteen years, the band has produced a string of engaging hits, record after record, for the masses.

Released in 1994, their self-titled debut LP shows a band at its peak. The album argues with our musical mind and taste. Step by step, excellent single after excellent single, filler after filler of quality materials in between, Rivermaya gives us not only songs of hope, undying love, hatred, and questions but also provides a new refuge where we can share all our youthful angst and apprehension.

The first single, “Ulan,” is a timeless, well-crafted, pure pop hit. “Awit ng Kabataan” evokes a rallying song quite similar to “Pinoy Ako” a decade after, though the former sounds more innocent and sincere, and obviously not dwelling on national pride. “214” is a first-hand peek to a Rivermaya love song, with its fine, over-the-top, and heart-tugging lyrics and vocals. “Bring Me Down” is a piece of sarcasm that leaves you humming after the song is finished.

The remaining album tracks do not disappoint as well. “Gravity” is groovy. “Hate” sounds like a good old Gin Blossom record. “Halik sa Araw” is raw energy, sun, heat and all.

To say this record is Rivermaya’s greatest album, which will only fill any fan with nostalgia but not with satisfaction, doesn’t come close to an exaggeration. It is definitely one of the best OPM records of the 90s.

– Christian Cruz

  1. Great review!
    Makes me want to go out and buy the album.


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