The Spinners

Fragmented (Up Dharma Down, 2006)

In Dodo Dayao, Indie Rock, OPM on December 7, 2010 at 4:03 am

Janis phrasing like Erykah is how Armi’s voice parses for me—call it earthy, if you will, ‘cause it fits, ‘cause it’s rooted , ’cause it grows new limbs to go out on, new limbs that shorten the musical and emotional distances between pop and jazz, soul and rock, heaven and hell, agony and ecstasy. That voice, cooing over a dense and gorgeous is-it-triphop?-is-it-neosoul?-is-it-acidjazz? fugue played with an imagination beyond their years, grounding the unrequited, lovelorn repertoire—at least five of which (“Oo,” “Pag-agos,” “Malikmata,” “We Give In Sometimes,” and “Hiwaga”) are ready for the radio, diminishing track list notwithstanding and more Tagalog please. Gifting them with emotive heft. The feelings shuddering through, of course, exaggerate their weight, that’s because they’re at the age when they exaggerate everything and because it suits the melodramatic way they layer what is essentially a girl and her piano, with the sounds she hears every time she mistakes breaking up with the end of the world.

Dodo Dayao


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