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♪ Upuan (Gloc-9 feat. Zelle, 2009) ♪

In OPM, Rap, Romina Mislang on April 14, 2010 at 8:52 am

The dreamy voice of Jeazell Grutas, which I then mistook for Armi Millare’s, caught my attention when I first heard Gloc-9’s “Upuan” last year. Still then unknown to me, I thought it had a nice groove; and a collaboration like that with a rap artist was something innovative for a band like Up Dharma Down to make. (See how ignorant I could be)

Fast forward to UP Fair 2010. I had the chance to watch Gloc-9 perform and I found out that the song was his’. And so begins my exploration of his music, and this sense of gratefulness for people like him who aren’t afraid to purvey to the mainstream the situation that most Filipinos are in.

In “Upuan” we get an intimate look at the daily lives of the poor. Relating what he sees outside the gates of a house fenced by tall walls, he shows the enormous contrasts prevailing in our society. For instance, he describes a place populated by expensive cars and guards in barong even if there’s nothing like a wedding happening. Aside from comparing the way of life of the rich and the poor, the seat that the title of the song refers to is symbolic of the most powerful position in the land. As Gloc-9 tells these stories, his voice carries the hardships and frustration that his rhymes speak of. Jeazell’s voice pleads in the refrain, and betrays a sort of you-got-what-you-deserved sort of nonchalance as she admonishes those who are affected by the song in the end.

An entreaty like “Upuan”, you gotta be heartless, inhuman if you still turn a blind eye after hearing it.

– Romina Mislang

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