The Spinners

Swimming (French Kicks, 2008)

In American, Ayn Marie Dimaya, Indie Rock, Summer Albums on April 13, 2010 at 9:14 am

Like a splash of cold water in a world over-populated by auto-tune, this album is refreshingly organic. Self-produced and mostly recorded live (or at least, recorded to feel live), New York band French Kicks took a risky step to create a new sound, not wholly original yet still unmistakably theirs. Let them carry you away with addicting hand-claps and their signature lilting—if somewhat mumbled—melodies and their seemingly endlessly constructed rhythms that give the sensation of aimlessly drifting afloat on water. Of course, the downside of aimless drifting is that you probably won’t remember anything concrete (with perhaps the exception of one hell of a catchy chorus: why tell me why, I don’t know) But still, this is perfect listening for lazy days by the swimming pool or even those days spent wishing you were languidly lying beside a pool.

– Ayn Marie Dimaya

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