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♪ Ikenai Taiyō (Bad Sun) (Orange Range, 2007) ♪

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There’s something vintage about this track that makes it perfect for summer road trips and pool parties. Although it does not mention anything related to summer (except for the “sun” in its title), hearing the song makes me think of a pool party in broad daylight with drunk guys pushing each other into the pool. Unless you understand Japanese, you would not think it’s another passionate love song.

“Ikenai Taiyō” was the opening song of the popular Japanese drama Hanazakari no Kimitachi e back in 2008. The drama was very popular and it made the track famous as well. With some rap and grunge influences, the tune is quite easy to remember: a candidate for another LSS. It’s not too heavy, not too light. Just like my ideal weather for summer: clear skies with a little breeze. Personally, the best part of the song is Ganeko Yamato’s voice. His pitch matches well with the whole retro theme of the track. It sounds hypnotic and unique without trying too hard.

That said, this song will stay in my summer playlist for a long time. Maybe one day, I’ll memorize it enough to belt it out loud while driving.

– KZ Otarra

Download “Ikenai Taiyo”

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