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♪ Heart Skipped A Beat (The xx, 2010) ♪

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One should not judge The xx by their looks, for these emo kids can surely make a hell of good music. Listening to Oliver Sim’s dreamy voice will make any girl swoon; and combined with Romy Madley Croft’s equally beautiful voice and the disco-esque drumbeats, their music is love, passion, and heartaches all together. The songs in their debut are well-written, but surely the best in the lot is “Heart Skipped A Beat”.

While listening to it, one is taken back to the time when he or she is walking alone and thinking of knocking on a former lover’s front door. Lines in the refrain that tell The more I see, I understand / But sometimes, I still need you are painfully true that they smack right in the heart, grips it, and crushes it; considering that anyone who has been through a break-up may have thought or even uttered these words. One may have the capacity to move on, but the shared love and memories of the past can never be forgotten, much like what this song tells.

– Janina Vistan

Everything in The xx’s debut demands another listen. The songs are remarkably polished, sexy in their minimalism, stripped beautifully in their bare skins, revealing a brilliance that is bound to be called classic in no time. “Heart Skipped A Beat” is somewhere in the middle of the record; yet it could just be anywhere to fill the the most beautiful love gap. It sounds like two lovers singing faraway, their words so close, their promises spoken under their breath—so intimate they’re like having an intercourse, seducing, clapping, sharing their love. Us voyeurs can only wish not be caught peeping, or else we turn into stone. A gem most likely, after being touched by this song.

– Richard Bolisay

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