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♪ Ever After (Bonnie Bailey, 2004) ♪

In Kate Pedroso, Summer Songs, Track Reviews on April 13, 2010 at 7:42 am

Ask about summer music, certainly the first thing that hits me is Bonnie Bailey’s “Ever After”. At first listen, we all think it is Kylie Minogue, only to be proven wrong. Mine was on a random beach some years back, and from then on, I was helplessly hooked. People start playing it anywhere: in the supermarket, in a random bar at night, while on public transport; and suddenly, the sun’s in my face, my toes are under the warm sand, the place I’m in smells of the sea, and there are hordes of faceless bikini-clad girls dancing barefoot all around. (Yes, sometimes my mind’s a happy place.)

My suggestion: try playing it over the sound of endless phones ringing in the middle of a work day while the boss is out for a meeting, and then have everyone in your section put their sunglasses on while facing their computer monitors. Or why not, while you’re taking a shower before work. It works like a balm to your beach-hungry soul.

– Kate Pedroso

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