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♪ Back in Time (Clazziquai, 2009) ♪

In Electronica, South Korean, Summer Songs, Thor Balanon, Track Reviews on April 13, 2010 at 9:40 am

Summer’s got nothing on me. I don’t do crowds so I rarely hit the beach. I don’t drive so road trips are nothing much more than a slightly gay, a little suicidal fantasy. Still, in those rare afternoons when it’s too hot to complain about the heat, I play Clazziquai’s “Back in Time”. Summer’s when I get down with sloth, and the track’s lazy trance, with a whiff of the salty Ibiza riff but held back by Alex’s syrupy Korean-English mumbling, is perfectly indifferent. The house beats threaten to burst, always a second shy from exploding. A static promise. Not excitable but giddy, the possibility more promising than what can possibly happen.

– Thor Balanon

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