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♪ A Summer Song (Chad and Jeremy, 1964) ♪

In British, Duo, Folk, Rex Baylon, Summer Songs, Track Reviews on April 13, 2010 at 9:29 am

Chad and Jeremy’s “A Summer Song” is a folk-pop classic that you probably first heard while watching Wes Anderson’s Rushmore. The lyrics of the song speak of quiet moments spent reminiscing about relationships from long ago. While many summer songs are marketed to an adolescent crowd and thus offer nothing but superficial lyrics and a fun melody to dance to, Chad and Jeremy’s elegiac approach to the theme of summer is refreshing. Whereas summer is usually associated with the optimistic potential for young love, “A Summer Song” is about the aftermath of those adolescent romances. Like any good summer song, it is hopeful of the new adventures that the season will bring, but the tinge of disappointment, of looking back at our mistakes and wishing we were better people, permeates through even the most optimistic of lyrics. Even within the warm embrace of the sun heartache is never too far off.

– Rex Baylon

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