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Five on the Floor (Sandwich, 2006)

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Five on the Floor is Sandwich’s first take on a Mark Abaya-less album as bandmover Raimund Marasigan takes over the lead vocals duty. The record is more or less a break from the post-grunge/punk/whatevernoisy, guitar-centric sound they have been doing since the start. The killer riffs are still there but they try to hold them back this time, apparently to give way to a much dancier sound. The result bears similarity to Marasigan’s mistress Pedicab, only this one is more packed with lyrics and sonic embellishments.

Five on the Floor is almost a concept summer record as it starts with the festive “Sugod” followed by an obvious summer mantra “Sunburn”. Are they bored to death without any movies to watch at home? “DVDX” gets them up on their ass, forcing them to hunt for the rarest DVD bootleg they can think of. “Photocopy”, “View Master”, “In Case of Fire” are a few attempts on being vague. “Walang Kadala-dala” is an obligatory follow-up single for pop radio.

Come to think of it, it’s strange that every time “Resbak” plays, the Pulp Summer Slam ‘black parade kids’ immediately come to mind. “Goodnight January” and “Kalendaryo” are good nostalgic breaks; whereas “Marikina”, in closer inspection and reminiscence, is the prototype of “Betamax”. Moreover, just like any summer gig, “Let Your Cellphone Shine” captures that sobered-up mood while sitting on the sidewalk and talking mindlessly before going home.

Considering only the first and last tracks, one can even surmise that the album is a simulation of an actual gig. It’s rare to hear local pop bands that can actually translate a live feel into their record, or vice versa. That reason alone makes Sandwich one of the must listen-to bands these days.

– Julius Maraya

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