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♪ The Sight of Love (The Camerawalls feat. Sarah Gaugler, 2010) ♪

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By not singing like British icons John Lennon and Paul Weller, Clem Castro is at his best. “The Sight of love” is an interesting collaboration between The Camerawalls and Turbo Goth’s vocalist Sarah Gaugler. Clem still does the unusual accent, yet his singing compensates with Sarah’s sexy voice to the point of not noticing her, at first, while singing the second verse.  Though I never had a pinch of what Turbo Goth sounds like, I kind of felt like falling in love with Sarah’s voice.

The tattoed fairy shares another foreign lines with Clementine as they end it when I expect to hear a Johnny Marr-ish guitar solo, or maybe, a fill-in. It doesn’t happen, but it doesn’t matter anymore because what I heard is great enough to love the song.

“The Sight of Love”, and all the songs in Pocket Guide to the Other World, marks Clem’s distance from his former bestfriend, Mcoy Fundales. Their paths are completely different now: Clem takes the world of DIY-indie scene, free and sure of his artistry; and Mcoy tries genres after genres, releasing two albums with his band Kenyo. (Before, they once ventured together as Orange and Lemons, coming up with three solid albums, and singing the anthem of reality television. But with the beautiful Gaugler on Clem’s side, their combination is not obscure like the gravity does its pull.)

Anyway, before we stray from the matter at hand, good job for Clem and the rest of The Camerawalls. “The Sight of Love” is a perfect conduit to the upcoming second album. Wake up and welcome the summer with the sight and sound of love!

– RM Topacio-Aplaon

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