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♪ Into Yesterday (Sugar Ray, 2007) ♪

In Andrea Nicola, Pop, Summer Songs, Track Reviews on April 12, 2010 at 7:05 am

This song captures perfectly that primordial rush of catching a wave; when you and the water become one, racing other waves to the shore. You anticipate that perfect wave, paddle as hard as you can and catch it (or fail to) and then you do it again. And again. It’s exciting and unpredictable, giving you an inexplicable high.

Just like this sunshiny, made-for-beaching song from Sugar Ray.

“Into Yesterday” starts with a slick, steady throb, danceable but not too frenetic, and bursts into the highly contagious chorus.

Lead vocalist Mark McGrath sounds every bit like that wiser, happy-go-lucky friend when he dispenses this cheerful reminder to breathe and just go with the flow.

When heard in a beach setting, it intensifies the experience. In an urban setting, it’s enough to satiate your beach-deprived self temporarily with the images it conjures: sun and sand, sea and surf. Sung with a hefty dose of that relaxed beach-y attitude, it’s almost magical.

– Andrea Nicola

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