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♪ Burning In The Sun (Blue Merle, 2005) ♪

In Folk, Julius Maraya, Summer Songs, Track Reviews on April 12, 2010 at 6:21 am

For almost four years, I always thought this song was called “Swallowed in the Sea”—the eleventh track in Coldplay’s X & Y—because it was included in the goddamn pirated CD I bought in Quiapo. And then a few weeks ago, I tried googling the lyrics. And then, boom! It’s not Coldplay. I’m suspecting some indie kids in the US of A slipped this song in an X & Y zip file, and then scattered them all over the web. Pirates of the Carriedo picked it up and the rest is history. Good job.

Anyway, with the song, the voice is so Chris Martin. The melodic arrangement is so . . . errrr . . . Coldplay, with a little notch above in the upbeat department. Perfect for a cool summer afternoon overdrive.

Did I like it? Unfortunately, yes.

– Julius Maraya

Download “Burning in the Sun”

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