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♪ Blister in the Sun (Violent Femmes, 1983) ♪

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For a track that opens one of the most endearing first albums, “Blister in the Sun” still holds up well up to now. Fun is too lame an adjective to describe it, for it really exceeds that basis for a song to be called fun. The combination of strums and drumbeats in the beginning—which makes the song very recognizable even to those who are not familiar with Violent Femmes—provokes a cheery tapping of the feet. When the first lines come in, a nodding of head follows, engrossing the listener in the carefree vibe of the song as much as the precision of its repetitions. Right after the second refrain comes in, a quirk kills the monotony: Gordon Gano, from the flashy way he sings the verses, softly repeats them, deliberately softer and softer, until he hushes, almost out of breath, before the song explodes again in its heavy beats. It’s a short comeback—twenty seconds near the end to repeat another refrain—but long enough to refresh one’s mind of summer, to be reminded of someone, big hands or not, and to be left in some sort of merry trance.

– Richard Bolisay

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