The Spinners

Celebrating Music, Celebrating Writing: Hang the DJ’s Maiden Issue

In Intro on February 8, 2010 at 12:20 pm

Are you only one love short of happiness? The Sundays ask in “Life Goes On”.

As we decide to put our affection into words, we hope to find in music that one love that keeps eluding us, that one love we continuously seek in the songs we listen to. And despite failure, it feels wonderful to meet the same people with the same yearning, in the middle of cyberspace—here in Hang the DJ—with all our one-love-short friends. And yet you are here too, our readers, joining us, keeping us company. That makes us really glad.

We celebrate music by writing about it, by keeping these songs alive through words and phrases, spaces and punctuations, and praises and anecdotes, right before they turn into memories we can no longer share. We write to remember: and here lie those keepsakes, souvenirs, and blinks of love we’d like the world to know, because we are proud of them.

This is the first issue of Hang the DJ, and I thank all the contributors for sending their articles amid the stress of day jobs and extra-curricular activities, amid the difficulty of putting into words those beautiful images in our heads, and amid the pressure of writing itself, as I know it is never an easy trade for any one of us. But after all those weeks, we are now here, smiling I hope, as we are convened by the same passion for music, tied to the microphone and the dance floor, cheerfully looking forward to many more issues of celebrating together. I would also like to thank three people specially: Megan Diño for coming up with the lovely widgets; Ayn Marie Dimaya for helping out the last minute and for providing the images I used for this post and the animated gif on the side; and Dodo Dayao for triggering the idea for this site. As always, I was quick on the trigger, especially on something as exciting as this.

I raise this toast to all of us—The Spinners—cheers and until always.

– The Master Spinner

(Lime figures: 106 posts, 65 album reviews, 40 track reviews, 20 founding contributors)

  1. *falling confetti* wooohoooo! 😀

  2. Lusawin ang upos!

  3. hey Richard,

    The site looks awesome. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this project.

  4. Tangna! Ang ganda! Ang asteeg!

  5. Wahahaha! Nakakahiya pero para sayo. HAHAHA!

  6. Sayang, hindi ba pwedeng magcomment sa mga album at track reviews.

    Nice blog, by the way.

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