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The Spinners Spotlight: ♪ Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis, 2007) ♪

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“Bleeding Love” is Leona Lewis’ first single off her debut album Spirit. After emerging as the winner of the third series of The X-Factor, Lewis has pushed her commercial success even more after the release of her second album Echo in 2009.  For this single, which is written by Jesse McCartney and Ryan Tedder, the Spinners share their cheers and boos:

Despite its overwroughtness, you’ll get the irrepressible urge to sing along to this catchy little song. Like a persistent itch you can’t help but scratch. – Andrea Nicola (2)

. . . yet another sad love song, catchy if considerably cliché. – Ayn Marie Dimaya (3)

Mariah meets The Knife, sort of—warmed-over synths shadowy with paranoid throb and the anguished way she moans through the song exquisitely teetering on the edge without spilling over into melodrama or totally losing it (“ . . . everyone around me thinks I’m going crazy,. . maybe. . .” ). We’ve all been here before, sure, but when Leona sings   “ . . . my heart’s crippled by the vein that I keep on closing  . . .” it’s as if she finds the words we never could when we were. – Dodo Dayao (5)

A catchy tune about how people can become so freaking stupid and irrational when it comes to love. – Faye Balanon (3.5)

Personally I find nothing to bleed about on the topic of love. But this song’s performance is delivered with roughly the same heaves during the worst agony of hemorrhoids so the title must be fitting.  – Frances Mae Ramos (2)

LSS till you bleed your ears off. – Glenn Ituriaga (2)

One of those pop songs with an infectious hook that can drive anyone to sing it unconsciously. – Janina Vistan (2)

A simple guide for the cardiologist and the masochist. – Je Lapegera (3.5)

I didn’t like it. I don’t like it. I won’t like it. But I can date Leona. And then we can talk about rehashing the song. Or turn it J-poppish. Or Korean. – Julius Maraya (2)

“Bleeding Love” is the stereotypical song that makes youngsters jump in the bandwagon of cliché pop hits. – Juno Barbra Streisand (2)

This one spares none of the hyperboles: yes, love is just like basic surgery. Not a big fan, but once it gets to you it sticks and stays, like ghosts of old lovers you can’t shake off. (Yeah, it cuts me open and I…) – Kate Pedroso (3)

This is one perfect song to sing during karaoke parties: emo lyrics and birit notes. – KZ Otarra (3)

Leona Lewis couldn’t have debuted with a more impressive single: a dark and rousing rhythmic ballad that flaunts her X-factor, champion-worthy vocal prowess, and soul. While “Bleeding Love” is a bit predictable, it gives her enough credibility to keep us from writing her off as another run-of-the-mill diva wannabe, and leaves with enough musical mark for us to remember her. – Leo Ray Valencia (4.5)

“Bleeding Love” is a song in denial: Lewis is actually emo, the slash-my-wrists-eyeliner-abusing kind. She hexes the ex, I’m assuming, by packaging her message in a tune that would make him writhe in pop diva disgust. – Megan Diño (2.5)

“Bleeding Love” is the type of song that causes your ears to bleed, with lines such as “my heart is crippled by the vein that I keep on closing”. May I suggest, therefore, that they change the title to “Bleeping Love”. Monchito Nocon (1)

Two notes better than Tina Arena’s “Burn”, but the Tagalized version is really the perfect piece to beat. Oliver Ortega (3.5)

A lot of publicity has been devoted to crowning Leona Lewis as the next Mariah Carey; and after listening to “Bleeding Love”, the comparison is nothing but apt. Like Mariah, Lewis utilizes her voice to sing bland routine R&B ballads that lack the soul and originality that is the hallmark of any good R&B track. – Rex Baylon (1.5)

It feels like a torrid kiss from Leona. . . how her tongue glides to the point of hurting, wounding our gums, reaching our throat. The lyrics were made more revealing when Piolo and Sam sang it on ASAP. Oh—how painful the bleed was for them. – Richard Bolisay (4)

Bleeding ears, my ears keep bleeding. Just like Spice Girls did, it was splendid bleeding auditory nerves for me. Basic beats, sexy outfit, and British accent are always equal to one predictably girly pop tune. – RM Topacio-Aplaon (2.5)

Where there’s love, there’s blood. “You cut me open and I keep bleeding”, Lewis sings in sexy-masochistic coo-to-wail while the synth thump-thumps to a soaring breakdown. “Bleeding Love” beats “Love Hurts” to a bloody pulp for the throne of go-go dancing favorite, and it’s actually a song I could learn to love. – Thor Balanon (3.5)

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