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♪ Space Odyssey (M.I.A., 2010) ♪

In Ambient, Hiphop, Oliver Ortega, Richard Bolisay, Track Reviews on February 3, 2010 at 4:35 am

It‘s easy to hate the new M.I.A. song “Space Odyssey” because it doesn’t sound like anything from Kala, the album we probably all love. For one, she is singing and not rapping, which is something genuinely unexpected. Perhaps it’s all about that—shattering everybody’s expectations about her upcoming album. They say this new track is a protest song against the New York Times; however, the first bars after the opening siren indicate that it’s more like a lush lamentation over the defeat of the Tamil Tigers last year. Well, we’re wishing that she’d sing something like that, something so contemporary political-wise, but no, this new song is nowhere near about that either. What is clear is that it’s a totally different M.I.A., even if her new sound brings you back to the Atari Age. You’re likely to miss the banging drums in it, but the ambient and moody arrangement of this new slow dubdrive is highly intoxicating.

– Oliver Ortega

All the while I thought it was alluding to Kubrick!

– Richard Bolisay

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