The Spinners

♪ People Make The World Go Round (The Pharaohs feat. Sue Conner, 1996) ♪

In American, Dodo Dayao, Jazz, Soul on February 2, 2010 at 4:20 am

These Chicago stalwarts tend to go from fused-up funk to avant dissonance, and here, they do it within the space of one track turning Thom Bell & Linda Creed’s protest soul chestnut into Lanquidity-era Sun Ra prog-funk magnificence that midway through feels as if it has nowhere left to go but the inevitable chaos and caterwaul, which would have been fine, but then Sue Conner comes in and takes the mic, raising the temperature to a smolder of no return. It’s blasphemy to say I prefer this cover to the Stylistics original but I prefer this cover to the Stylistics original.

– Dodo Dayao

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