The Spinners

♪ Speak Your Heart (Lizz Wright, 2008) ♪

In American, Dodo Dayao, Jazz on February 1, 2010 at 3:30 am

Not that this would feel odd on a Tindersticks record but that’s not Stuart Staples doing the ghostly backing vocals but the voluptuously-named Chocolate Genius who wrote it, and from the sound of this, is someone whose work demands further investigation. The one track off her emo-jazzy-noirish The Orchard that makes my inner mushy do the jiggy with all its naked, forlorn beauty. . .I want to be real to you, no more disguises. . . I like the way the song seems to dissipate into uncertainty after Lizz has stated her case, the way it just turns to fog. Tearjerky beyond words and perfect for singing in the rain inside your head.

– Dodo Dayao

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