The Spinners

♪ Leaves Eclipse the Light (Eluvium, 2010) ♪

In Ambient, American, Ayn Marie Dimaya, Track Reviews on February 1, 2010 at 3:27 am

Sunlight filtering through the trees, half hidden by leaves—it’s a famous shot in cinema. And so Eluvium sets up the imagery of his song and doesn’t disappoint. One could imagine oneself bathed in the lull of yellow-orange light, accompanied by the faint reflections of this piece, easily lost in the moment. The only thing that could possibly mar the otherwise perfect atmosphere is his mumbled singing. Eluvium, mostly known for his ambient music, has controversially decided to make an album with words (from which this is the first single) and it seems like he’s fumbling with his choice. His singing voice is more than fine but it’s somewhat hidden beneath the instrumentation, much like the sunlight behind the leaves. This technique works, of course, if his goal for the song was to remain beautifully obscure. Only time, and the rest of his album, will tell.

– Ayn Marie Dimaya

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