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2NE1 (2NE1, 2009)

In EPs, K-Pop, KZ Otarra on January 27, 2010 at 4:10 pm

Although newcomers in K-pop, 2NE1 have proven that they are a team to beat. The success of their first digital single, “Fire”, prompted them to release their self-titled mini-album. And frankly, what a pleasant surprise.

“I Don’t Care”, their second single, is quite different from the kick-ass image they showed in “Fire”. It is a mid-tempo mix of pop and reggae. The chorus is easy to remember, a repetition of the words I don’t care (eh-eh-eh), which makes it fun to sing. “In the Club”, a personal favorite, has the same intensity as Rihanna’s “Take a Bow”. It shows what they can do vocally (well, at least, most of them). “Pretty Boy”, on the other hand, is something similar to “Fire”, which showcases more of their attitude than their singing abilities. “Let’s Go Party”, the middle track in the mini-album, is perhaps my least favorite; it’s just plain forgettable. And who would have thought that “tayo na sa fiesta” would translate into “let’s go party”? I applaud Sandara’s attempt to re-connect with her Filipino fans, but, honestly, it just sounds completely ridiculous.

As a whole, 2NE1’s mini-album is impressive. They actually stand out among the cutesy image of other Korean girl groups. Most of their songs have the potential to be a hit and this little record just shows that these bubbly Korean girls do have a lot of talent to offer.

– KZ Otarra

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