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Spirito DiVino (Zucchero, 1995)

In Blues, Italian, Julius Maraya on January 24, 2010 at 3:59 am

On the album inlay there’s the line: “In Blues We Trust”. And then this sleek Zucchero dude poses with his acoustic guitar and a rooster as a sidekick. But how come I didn’t feel any blues at all?

Nevertheless, considering that I don’t understand the lyrics, I am sold on Zucchero’s lovely Spirito DiVino. The album is comprised of nine solid tracks of fused funk, country, and soul all arranged in Latin flavor. Easy favorites are “X Colpa Di Chi” and “Papa Perché”. Yeah, yeah, blues might be there somewhere, and I’ll tell you once I’ve found it. Just a thought, why didn’t this album come handy during the height of “Macarena”?

– Julius Maraya

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