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♪ 11th Dimension (Julian Casablancas, 2009) ♪

In American, Indie Rock, Megan Diño, Track Reviews on January 21, 2010 at 3:37 pm

Julian Casablancas surprises with this track that’s a far cry from the masculine, ciggie-in-one-hand-beer-bottle-on-the-other sound of his band The Strokes.

The whole experience is akin to eating Nerds candy. You get the sweetness of the neon beats—foot-tappable, even danceable, and undeniably flavored by the 80s. Let it melt a little bit and the tanginess subtly seeps out, particularly with the lyrics which reprimand America for its megalomaniac tendencies. It is a fun combination, enjoyable and unexpected, though the sweetness clearly outshines the tartness.

But that’s unless you want to take “11th Dimension” seriously; keeping it real, no one really needs seriousness to find joy in a box of neon Nerds, right?

– Megan Diño

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