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Winter in June (Lucy Schwartz, 2007)

In American, Andrea Nicola, Indie Pop, Portuguese on January 19, 2010 at 1:35 pm

With her songs appearing on TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Privileged, Arrested Development and Diane English’s film The Women, 20-year old Lucy Schwartz is definitely not a one-hit wonder. Her album Winter in June is filled with catchy, likeable indie-pop tunes which might also appeal to fans of Sara Bareilles and Leona Naess.

The first track, “I Don’t Know a Thing” dips and swells in the right places, a jaunty anthem on embracing uncertainty made unforgettable by Schwartz’s sweet, well-tempered voice.

It’s quite challenging to write a love song that starts with, We bit our lips and walked away / Right past the scene of a crime / But we didn’t have time to waste the day, but she manages to make it work in “Blue Sky”, an upbeat ditty sung airily with a bit of grit, and continues with the lines, Cause the sun burnt down the sky / While I was looking in your eyes / We’re in a kingdom made of stone/ And I’m the Goddess of surprise. . .

She slows down in a ballad-like drawl in “Crooked Box”, a song tinged with melancholia but still filled with hope, as she ponders Say I’m yours, say you’re mine / Am I wasting my time / Are we inside the lines of a crooked box? Also worth a listen is the jazzy “Strange Feeling in the Night”, which seems a bit out of place, but is a nifty surprise which shows off Schwartz’s range.

As a whole, the introspective lyrics masterfully paired with engaging melodies and Schwartz’ heartfelt delivery make this album ultimately refreshing.

– Andrea Nicola

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