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Touch (Techy Romantics, 2009)

In Andrea Nicola, Electronica, OPM, Pop on January 18, 2010 at 10:22 am

I first saw Techy Romantics in a magazine.  Described as “electro-pop”, I googled them and liked what I heard. In fact, I liked them so much I downloaded an intro of “Out of My Mind”, a freebie I settled for since I couldn’t get a copy of the entire track. I made it my ringtone and stalked the band online, determined to watch them perform live.

When I finally got to watch them, I was blown away.  Danceable yet subdued, lush and sensual, this was a band I looked forward to stalking further. Even more anticipated was their album, which I presently got from one of their gigs. Expect the same songs when they perform live, with a few additions here and there, enough to make you “get dancey” as the band calls it.

The lyrics could use a bit more work though, but their oversimplicity is overshadowed by the crafty remixing of Dondi Virrey and perfectly-timed guitar riffs from Ryan Villena.

With electrifying beats, it’s impossible to stay still while listening to Techy Romantics’ songs.  Play this album to set a sexy and playful but still lounge-y mood at parties.

Touch is compelling and engaging enough to satiate any TR fan.  The tracks are consistent and there are no lulls, just steady, sultry songs one can’t help but like.

Nothing beats them live though, mostly because of lead singer Camyl Besinga’s stage presence and charisma.

Listen to this to get your TR fix, then try to catch them live for the real deal.

– Andrea Nicola

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