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Inocencia (Bosques de mi Mente, 2009)

In Ambient, Ayn Marie Dimaya, Electronica, Piano on January 16, 2010 at 7:55 am

There is little of my childhood I remember, memories seem to blend together into one hazy whole where actual events can barely be distinguished from scenarios imagined. There are certain things I am sure of though: falling in love with Chopin after hearing “Fantasie Impromptu Op. 66”; lazy afternoons with my father singing Cat Stevens’s “Moonshadow” or Peter, Paul & Mary’s “If I Had a Hammer”; performing the entire Phantom of the Opera in front of the sky, grass, trees and our dogs; throwing a tantrum on my grandmother’s piano seat because I didn’t want to practice my scales—where to this day, a spot of mingled saliva and tears can still be seen, somehow ironic considering the hours I spend in front of the piano today (but still not practicing my scales.) From the very beginning, my life has been shaped by music. . . which brings me to the aptly named Bosques de mi Mente (Forests of my Mind) whose compositions are always somehow inspired by childlike nostalgia. From the title of his first album Trenes de Juguete (Toy Trains) to the children’s laughter that punctuates the music of LO-FI and Ruido Blanco to this, his most polished work, Inocencia still aches with delicate melancholy. This is not a perfect album, it is perhaps a little bit too long and I miss the rawness of his earlier work where a footstep on the gravel path or a scrape of a chair or even a sound of thunder compliments the mood of his pieces. Still, there are moments that excel, moments that transport you to the forests of your mind, there and back again, where the world is hazy and beautifully obscure.

– Ayn Marie Dimaya

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