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Day & Age (The Killers, 2008)

In Alternative Rock, Indie American, Richard Bolisay on January 16, 2010 at 8:27 am

The Killers used to be fun and good—not fun or good—and unluckily in their third album both qualities are noticeably missing. There are only one or two good songs in Day & Age—”Spaceman” and “Human” (the latter even annoys me when I’m not in the mood)—and for that reason, they should’ve released it as an EP instead and spared us the trouble. Day & Age is like a “Spaceman” single with all the other tracks hidden, and that may even sound better as a record since they are hidden. Brandon Flowers seems to be telling bedtime stories—stories that are accompanied by yawns and heavy eyelids—stories that are really meant to put someone to sleep. Even the beats are uninteresting in their vanilla arrangements. Are the real Killers on vacation? Whatever happened to them since Hot Fuss? And just a flaming thought, who will be the ones performing here in Manila on the 31st, the-Hotfuss-Killers or the-Sam’s-Town-Day-and-Age-Fillers? Or should I smell schadenfreude? (Turns out The Killers concert was canceled due to “unforeseen circumstances”. How’s that for schadenfreude, Chard? – TMS)

– Richard Bolisay

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