The Spinners

♪ The Good, The Bad & The Queen (The Good, The Bad & The Queen, 2007) ♪

In Alternative Rock, British, Julius Maraya, Track Reviews on January 15, 2010 at 3:39 pm

It’s not detailing the 80’s life but it constantly puts me in a dreamy state; more like the images of The Cure’s music videos being flashed right in front of me. It’s all about that piano riff that instantly puts me in a shoobeedoowoppy mood and the signature Damon Albarn nostalgia; or is it the great Paul Simonon going down the memory lane? Besides, I don’t even feel the absence of Tony Allen’s offbeats here. But how to write emo without being too emo? Answer is in the music that goes with it. The Good, The Bad & The Queen is 80’s life and it all looks good to me. Definitely.

– Julius Maraya

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