The Spinners

♪ Lisztomania (Phoenix, 2009) ♪

In French, Indie Pop, Richard Bolisay, Track Reviews on January 15, 2010 at 3:49 pm

They say Liszt—the first classical pop star—is handsome and his music is timeless and audiences scream during his performances, but in an alternate universe what would he say when he hears this? Or yet, what would he say when he sees the movie made about him by Ken Russell? Oh, but I digress. Pounding with energy but sounds like all humming throughout the cheery four minutes, Phoenix open their album with huge hopes, and if you did have listened to it, they live up to them till the end. A knockout in hooks, trademark repetitions, stupendous beats, and Thomas Mars in deceptive sotto voce, “Lisztomania” defines showtime. It’s showtime, it’s showtime, it’s showtime! Time! Time to show it off, time to show it off, it’s time to show it off! See how infectious it is. If I were Liszt I would really be flattered.

– Richard Bolisay

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