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♪ Change (Miho Fukuhara, 2008) ♪

In Folk, J-Pop, KZ Otarra, Soul, Track Reviews on January 11, 2010 at 3:51 pm

There’s no such thing as accidents, people say. I only started to believe it when I downloaded Miho Fukuhara’s “Change” by accident. I don’t understand Japanese, but it does not need an understanding of the language to be able to appreciate this particular song. It has everything that makes a good pop song, including a catchy beat and a tune that’s really easy to follow; but the greatest strength of the song would be Miho Fukuhara’s clear and powerful voice. It lures you in from the first note up to the last. In a time when most of the songs we hear on the radio are auto-tuned, this one’s fresh and different. “Change” may sound hopeful and happy, but it ironically talks about desperation and holding on to love (why am I crying so much / don’t let go); thus, the need for “change.” It’s an emo song that makes you dance. So it’s not a shock to know that this is her bestselling single so far. I realize, after listening to this, it’s a good start to learn more about the Japanese pop scene.

– KZ Otarra

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