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Strike Whilst the Iron is Hot (Orange and Lemons, 2005)

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Whilst aside, this is freshly squeezed Hotdogs-meets-Psychedelic Furs acoustic music to wake up to. Jangly in some parts, buzzing and Beatles-esque in others, surprisingly good most of the time. Surprising, really. Orange and Lemons’ debut was too derivative and predictable. Now, it’s catchyness with a twist, the catch being better refrains than choruses. “Umuwi ka na baby” stays with you, circumnavigates you.

– Thor Balanon

Seriously, Thor, have we listened to the same album? I thought Love in the Land of Rubber Shoes and Dirty Ice Cream is Orange and Lemons at their best—faux British accent and mushy lyrics aside, which, to be honest, is the surprising pair that makes it delicious—and the two albums that came after it are just spreading their arms to have some drizzle of Love in the Land‘s goodness.

It is no surprise that Strike is OnL’s most popular record—the album that defined their fifteen minutes of fame, and as if resisting anonymity, a few months after, they decided to release a repackaged version of the album, with a new cover art and new songs and music videos to boot, which includes the national anthem of local reality TV, the song that made and broke the band into chandeliers, the issue that became their fatal quicksand—and the rest is boring history. Strike is not a particularly remarkable album, it’s good, it has its moments, again Clem britishizes the odd and Mcoy foreplays the even, adorning it with mellow pop and some harmless gimmick, but a solid record anyhow, and another welcoming addition to the indie explosion of the noughties. But the album’s moment for me is when Mcoy sings the verses of “Lihim” like reading a diary, calm and never straining, sincere and single-minded, and as he comes to the refrain the story becomes every one’s story, like a romantic curse. “Lihim” is followed by “Chatter’s Tale”, a story of how mIRC made Clem a great lover in bed, which is equally good in a twisted way.

– Richard Bolisay

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