The Spinners

Inner North (The Guild League, 2004)

In Australian, Indie Pop, Thor Balanon on January 7, 2010 at 4:04 pm

There’s an open emotion that motion releases. “Citronella” is like staring directly at the sun, excruciatingly beautiful. Not unlike falling in love. There I said it. Pull in the overcast sky, and whistle down the sidewalk, kick a can home. Inner North is definitely not Hallmark. There’s much contemplation and fear. But there’s also beach towels and arched backs and Tali White singing lazy lalalas. Mostly acoustic—except for traffic-impatient “The Storm” (. . .fear is a feeling that will never cover everything)—mostly like freshly cut grass melodies. Hooks that stain; a smile that stays. Effortlessly one of the best.

– Thor Balanon

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