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Dragonslayer (Sunset Rubdown, 2009)

In Canadian, Indie Rock, Richard Bolisay on January 5, 2010 at 3:45 am

Spencer Krug is a brilliant songwriter—there’s no doubt about that. But brilliant songwriting isn’t just the persuasive use of words to create music; it is capturing feelings that are way beyond common expression, way beyond simple words can deliver. And a brilliant songwriter—if he’s as talented as Krug—arranges them to create formidable compositions, and juggles everything with seeming effortlessness, and with sleight of hand. In all its dashing grandiosity, boldness, and emotional tug of words, I can’t help but be floored by Sunset Rubdown’s fourth album, Dragonslayer. It is epic, ambitious, and regal—in every sense of the word. The band nails it like “a bigger kind of kill”, more than anything they have accomplished before. From the solid opener “Silver Moons” to the eleven-minute “Dragon’s Lair”, the tracks are overflowing with threatening beats and marvelous literary references. Krug flourishes in his songwriting abilities, cunning with might, moving me to tears song after song. The symphony of the piano, tambourine, guitars, drums, bass, and voices make way for otherworldly images, formed after hearing them come together, like a synergy of long-distance orgasms. The tracks are chapters composing a grand novel, each with its own character, purpose, and exposition. And when all these chapters meet in Dragonslayer, catharsis comes as a much-needed sequitur.

– Richard Bolisay

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