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Vampire Weekend (Vampire Weekend, 2008)

In Indie American, Indie Pop, Richard Bolisay on January 3, 2010 at 2:14 pm

Mansard Roof! Oxford Comma! Bang! A-Punk! Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa! Bang! Bang! M79! Campus! Bryn! Blake’s Got A New Face! Bang! Bang! Bang! Walcott! I Stand Corrected! The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! A rather pitiful way of introducing the album by track-naming, but that’s how I honestly felt when the music found its way to my ears, to my head, and lastly, to my heart.

It is likely that you heard the raves about Vampire Weekend’s debut even before you got around listening to it. The hype almost killed it, but come to think of it, if the record is really worth the hype, people will give a sign. And they did. The critics did. The fans did. The haters did. It passed the litmus test; it is remembered very well. Exactly two years later, I still believe it’s a terrific record, unforgivably jerky at times but deftly controlled, aware of its strengths and brimming with childish delight. I used to think it’s an album made of endorphins, replete with the personality of its band members, unwavering in its promise of fun. But its melancholia is often dismissed, earnestly disguised by the merry beats, absorbed by the Afro-pop delicacies, hidden in its wit and charm. The mirth stays; and the boredom of teenage life flies away in a daydream.

– Richard Bolisay

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